Aussie Spinners Plan to Keep Targeting Matthew Wade


The Australian spin bowlers are licking their lips at continuing their onslaught against their perennial ‘bunny’, Matthew Wade.

Speaking on behalf of the Aussie spin quintet, Nathan ‘Garry’ Lyon said “Look it’s always nice as a bowler to have a player who struggles every time he comes up against you. Glenn McGrath had Michael Atherton, Warnie had Daryl Cullinan, and we’ve all got Matthew Wade.”

Aussie coach Darren ‘Boof’ Lehmann chipped in with “Yeah all bowlers like to be able to consistently bamboozle one player. Sure it’s nice if that player can be one of the opposition batsmen, but it’s unlikely that’s going to happen, so the boys just have to enjoy consistently flummoxing our wicketkeeper.”

Peeking over his copy of ‘How to bowl good and stuff’, left arm tweaker Steve O’Keefe said “Normally we like to use variation in our deliveries to confuse and beguile players. We can usually trick Wadey with almost any delivery, whether it spins or not. However, what works best for us in the sub-continent is that most of the balls we bowl are being hit to the boundary so he’s never ready when one in every twenty or thirty gets through to him. He’s nearly asleep by the time he gets a chance for a catch or a stumping.

The first test in Pune starts this afternoon at 3.00pm AEDT and is expected to conclude tomorrow sometime.

Stuart Macpherson

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