Pauline Hanson Invites Vladimir Putin To Australia For A Measles Party


One Nation Senator and self-confessed Vladimir Putin fangirl Pauline Hanson has extended an invitation to the Russian President to come to Australia and join her in a measles party.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Pauline Hanson explained in full her invite, saying: “A lot of Australians like myself think Vlad is the bee’s knees, so if I’m to get infected with a disease like measles then who better to join me than President Putin?”

“Maybe we could hold a summit, President Trump could join us as well.”

When asked on why she would want to hold a measles party rather than just getting vaccinated a fired up Hanson replied: “You know these doctors and scientists think they know everything with their degrees and facts. Well let me tell you something, Mrs Collidge from down the street heard a chap on the radio saying their could be a link between vaccinations, autism and the moon landing, so there you go mr smarty pants. Who are you going to believe? A doctor or Mrs Collidge?”

When reached for comment on Mrs Hanson’s measles party plan the Australian Medical Association declined to comment citing the hippocratic oath.

Mark Williamson

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