John Howard Heckled At CFMEU Open Mic Comedy Night

Former Prime Minister John Howard is recovering today after being heckled at a CFMEU open mic comedy night. The incident occurred when Mr Howard popped in to try out some new material.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Mr Howard’s wife Janet explained what happened, saying: “John has recently turned his hand to stand up comedy and is keen for as much stage time as possible. So when he heard about a CFMEU gig being put on in the city he jumped at the chance, thinking CFMEU stood for Comedians Funny Menzies Era Unpaid comedy night.”

“Alas I tried to warn him, but when John has an idea in his head you can’t stop him.”

A shaken up Mr Howard also spoke to The (un)Australian, saying: “Oh it was brutal, I started out with my opening joke about Peter Costello walking into a bar and from there the crowd just went me. I thought I could bring them back with some impressions but they really didn’t buy my Christopher Walken at all.”

“Oh well, here’s to the next gig being better. I’m booked for a LGBTQIA comedy night, that should be fun I have some new gear about marriage equality that should go over a treat.”

“LGBTQIA stands for Ladies, Gents, Brits, Tasmanians, Quality Intelligent Australians comedy night, right?”

Mark Williamson

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