ABC To Cut 4 Corners Back To 2 Corners Both On The Right

The head of the ABC Michelle Guthrie has announced that a raft of cuts and redundancies will be made to the network. One of which is the long running current affairs show 4 Corners will be cut back to 2 corners both of which will be right angled.

Long time critic of the ABC, Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt was delighted with news of the cuts, saying: “Good to see some common sense being bought into the ABC. For too long 4 Corners has gotten away with their fair and balanced reporting. Where’s the bias?”

“I mean this week they dared investigate James Packer, the nerve of those people. They should be praising packer not burying him.”

Former communications minister and now prime minister Malcolm Turnbull also commented on the ABC cuts, saying: “The ABC needs to be more like me, agile and innovative. I remember the good old days when I was a carefree communications minister and I could swan about on shows like Q&A in my leather jacket. All the cool kids talking me up, it was a much simpler time.”

No one from the ABC could be reached for comment, however today’s episode of Sesame Street was bought to you by the letters, F and U.

Mark Williamson

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