One Nation Senator Appalled Parliamentary Swearing In Ceremony Doesn’t Involve Swearing

West Australian Senator Peter Georgiou was revealed today to be appalled over the lack of swearing that occurred at his swearing in ceremony to the Australian Senate.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Georgiou expressed his shock at the ceremony saying: “Can you f’n believe it, they say Peter put on your good duds and we’ll swear you in to the Senate. I thought you bloody beauty this’ll be good but then they make you hold a bible and pledge to be loyal or something. They didn’t even make me skoll a beer.”

“This place is f’d!”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson also expressed her dismay at the ceremony, saying: “The Australian Senate needs to get in touch with real Australian’s. I mean the catering for the occasion was appalling, finger sandwiches and mini quiches? The average voter can’t even spell quiche let alone eat one. Where were the party pies and sausage rolls?”

“It’s political correctness gone mad. I shall call for an enquiry and will not vote on legislation until swearing and party pies are brought back to official Government functions.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appears to agree with Senator Hanson as when reached for comment he replied: “Oh do F’ off.”

Mark Williamson

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