Pauline Hanson Worries Hump Day May Be Confused As Some Sort Of Middle Eastern Affair

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has today warned her fellow Australians not to confuse hump day, the popular term for Wednesdays in the office as some sort of middle eastern affair.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Hanson spoke of her concern, saying: “Look last week my esteemed colleague Malcolm Roberts walked up to me on a Wednesday and said happy hump day. I asked if he could please explain?”

“Then he explained the origins of the phrase and I felt like a right goose, as I naturally assumed it was some sort of middle eastern affair, like sharia law or Sam Dastyari.”

When asked how hump day could be interpreted as being middle eastern, Senator Hanson explained: “Well come on, do I have to spell it out? Camels have humps and camels live in the middle-east. I mean really, isn’t it obvious? I think to avoid confusion maybe we should call on the middle-east to rid themselves of camels.”

When reached for comment Labor Senator Sam Dastyari asked if he could call us back reverse charges, as he was on the other line to China.

Mark Williamson

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