Metamucil To Release Commemorative John Howard Blend

Fibre supplement maker Metamucil have announced their plans to release a commemorative John Howard blend onto the market. The move was said to be inspired after hearing about Bob Hawke branded beer.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Metamucil CEO Bob Regular spoke of the release, saying: “A lot of our consumers deeply admire John Howard so it just make sense to put him on the bottle. After all he is the definition of regular. He’s a regular bloke, took regular walks and regularly put people to sleep with his speeches.”

Mr Howard also commented on the Metamucil release saying: “It is a great honour to be thought of by the makers of Metamucil. The benefits of being regular and predictable can’t be overstated, I mean look at all the prime ministers since me, none of them were regular and they didn’t last long.”

Using Prime Ministers to sell products is the new trend in advertising with Bob Hawke beer and John Howard Metamucil said to be the tip of the iceberg. Marketers are already looking at launching Tony Abbott’s onions, Malcolm Turnbull Pollywaffles and Kevin Rudd branded kevlar singlets, perfect for deflecting a knife in the back.

Mark Williamson

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