Ray Hadley Calls Scott Morrison ‘A Meanie’ And Univites Him To His Birthday Party

Radio host and aspiring school bully Ray Hadley has declared that Treasurer Scott Morrison is a ‘big fat meanie’ and is no longer invited to Hadley’s birthday. The stoush occurred on the playground of Two G B Primary school, where the two boys are students.

Playground monitor Peter Dutton saw the initial clash of the two students and spoke to The (un)Australian about what he saw, saying: “Look, Ray asked Scotty to be his bestest friend and Scotty said no, as Malcolm was already his bestest friend. Ray wasn’t too happy and he called Scotty a meanie and said he’d better stay away from him.”

“I’d just like to say that I don’t have a bestest friend so Ray if you want a new bestest friend you come and see your mate Petey Dutton, I’m here for you buddy.”

When reached for comment a sullen Ray Hadley reluctantly said: “Leave me alone, I’ve got plenty of friends I don’t need Scott doo doo head Morrison at my birthday. Now go away or I’ll bash ya.”

Scott Morrison was unavailable for comment as he was going to the movies with his bestest friend in the whole wide world Malcolm Turnbull. They were watching The Lego Batman Movie in gold class, Malcolm was paying.

Mark Williamson


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