Andrew Bolt Calls For Christopher Pyne To Be Hung For Treason

Conservative commentator and founder of the Tony Abbott fan club, Andrew Bolt has demanded that Junior Minister for Defence, Christopher Pyne be hung for treason. The call comes after a recording of Minister Pyne has emerged where he claimed marriage equality would happen ‘sooner than you think’ and that he always voted for Malcolm Turnbull over Tony Abbott.

Speaking to The (un)Australian a livid Mr Bolt said of Pyne: “What an act of absolute bastadry. Tony Abbott it is the greatest human being to ever grace this planet and Pyne dared to cross him. And now he wants the government to go back on its word and abandon the plebiscite. A man of principle like Tony Abbott would never go back on his word.”

When it was put to Bolt that Abbott had indeed gone back on his election promises Bolt replied: “Mere details, so he cut funding to the leftist, commo, pinko, fascist ABC. Big deal, it’s not like he stood in front of a giant billboard prior to the election saying he wouldn’t do it.”

When reached for comment a chipper Christopher Pyne said of Bolt’s call: “What’s Andy got his knickers in a knot over this week? I tell you I’m sure he and his 10’s of viewers will stew about this for weeks or until the next issue comes floating along. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to Manly to poke a bear with a stick.”

Mark Williamson

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