Hanson To Enter Parliament Dressed As The Cash Cow To Protest Against Vegans

One Nation Senator and recent Ebay fanatic Pauline Hanson plans to dress up as the cash cow and sit in the Senate when parliament next sits in what she describes as a protest against vegans.

“These vegans are terrorising the hard working Australian farmer and the cash cow is to blame,” claimed Senator Hanson. “I mean dressing up as a cow on television and giving away money what sort of a message is that sending?”

“Why can’t it be the cash carrot or the cash kale. No one wants to eat something that gives them money.”

When reached for comment a spokesperson for Channel 7 said of Pauline Hanson: “Oh that Pauline, she is always good for a laugh. Like last week when she rocked up to the show wearing some sort of ghost outfit and demanding everyone refer to her as a grand wizard. What a hoot.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Im sure her first idea was going to an adult shop and buying an inflatable pig..


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