Peter Dutton Labels Victoria A S***hole

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has ramped up his attack on the State of Victoria by labelling it ‘a s***hole.’

“Look I stand by my statement that Victoria is, pardon the French a s***hole,” said an unrepentent Minister Dutton. “I mean have you been there, they have coffee shops in alleys just covered in graffitti and have you seen Federation square. Who designed that it looks like a crumpled up shipping container.”

“And don’t get me started on the militant gangs that roam the city, forcing people out of restaurants.”

When asked if he had experienced these gangs in person the Minister replied: “I have, last August I was in town on a Saturday afternoon when a hoard of people dresssed in black and white came marching out of Flinders street station heading towards the MCG. They were chanting these tribal chants one went, Collingwood, Collingwood. Over and over, it was truly terrifying.”

It was put to the Minister that he had confused a group of AFL fans for gangs to which he replied: “I am the Minister for Home Affairs I don’t mistakes. Besides people don’t go to football games on masse have you ever seen an NRL game broadcast from Sydney, the crowd rarely hits double figures.”

Mark Williamson

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2 replies

  1. You are very funny Mr Dutton. Collingwood forever. Only joking of course. Maybe you got Canberra mixed up with Melbourne which is a s hole. Victoria is the best State in Australia mate so if you are going to criticise it get out


  2. Can I add that that comment would have to come from a jealous Queenslander and I hasten to add that I have lived in some s holes too and they were all in Queensland !!!


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