Joyce Tipped To Replace Dutton As Minister For Home Affairs

Belegaured Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is tipped to replace Peter Dutton as Minister for Home Affairs in a soon to be announced cabinet reshuffle.

“When you make a mistake like Barnaby has you can either take the fall and go or own it and run with it,” said a Government Insider. “In this case Barnaby in charge of Home Affairs will provide us with a bit of self-deprication and also it will be  a plus. In that we move Dutton back a square in his quest for world domination.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull when reached for comment said of the mooted cabinet reshuffle, “Both Barnaby and Peter have my utmost confidence and who knows what the future will bring for them. Peter is doing wonderful things in Home Affairs and Barnaby well he is doing a lot of things shall we say.”

Current Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton could not be reached for comment as he was busy working on plans for his secret underground lair.

Minister Joyce was also unavailable for comment as he was ‘on the job’ according to his office.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed each article ,bit changes of govts in 30 yrs stuffed me financially too but Oh I laughed I love Satire Sad but close enough.thanx


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