Clive Palmer Plans To Launch Titanic 3

Clive Palmer has taken a break from his many court battles to tell the world about his plan to launch his new project Titanic 3.

“I Clive Palmer will make the year 2018 the year of the Clive when I launch the Titanic 3 and return to Parliament,” said a jubilant Mr Palmer. “The Australian people have reached out to me and said Clive we need you, we want you and where’s my money.”

“To them I say I’m here for you and I will be in Parliament for you.”

When asked what happened to his Titanic 2 project Mr Palmer answered: “Titanic 2 was great didn’t you see it. I was in parliament with my friends Jacqui and Dio Wang. Then the iceberg came in the form of an election and citizenship issues and we were wiped out.”

“But not this time, Titanic 3 will get back into parliament even if it’s just me and my Wang.”

Mark Williamson

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