Bernardi Demands Those C**ts At The ABC Apologise

The leader of South Australia’s least popular party the Australian Conservatives Cory Bernardi has demanded that the c**t’s at the ABC behind the skit that called his colleague a c**t apologise for their appalling disrespect.

“The ABC has gone too far, how dare they insult my candidate and by default Me, don’t they know who I am?” Screamed an angry Bernardi. “I mean what type of a world do we live in when a man, a decent man who represented his country can be ridiculed on a comedy show.”

“What’s next they’ll start making fun of the Queen or Prince Philip, what an appalling pack of c**ts.”

When asked why his party was suddenly against free speech and suddenly pro section 18c Senator Bernardi responded: “Our party is totally for free speech but as long as it’s the right type of free speech. Emphasis on the right.”

Senator Bernardi has written to the ABC demanding a full apology and a public flogging for the comedians involved in the skit. This request comes despite the fact this his party is also against corporal punishment.

Mark Williamson

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