Barnaby Joyce To Hand Out Condoms At Parliament’s Mid-Winter Ball

Former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has announced that he will be attending this year’s Mid-Winter Ball to hand out condoms to all attendees.

“Normally what happens at the Mid-Winter ball stays at the Mid-Winter ball but as we saw in my case things tend to pop out after 9 months or so,” said the former Leader of the Nationals. “So this year I’ll be handing out the frangers and advising my colleagues to suit up.”

“Unless of course they are after a $150K pay day in which case, stick to bareback.”

Not everyone was as enthusiastic as Mr Joyce to attend the Mid-Winter ball with North Queensland MP Bob Katter saying of the ball: “How can we get all dressed up to dance when every three months someone in North Queensland is ripped apart by a crocodile.”

“Bloody condoms let’s make croc skin condoms. Ribbed for my pleasure.”

Mark Williamson

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