“No More New Migrants Till We’ve Finished Hating The Ones We’ve Got” Pleads Pauline Hanson

037149-pauline-hansonOne Nation leader Pauline Hanson has demanded that Australia slow down its immigration rate until she’s had a chance to catch up on hating all the immigrants that are already here.

“There’re whole groups of migrants that I haven’t got around to hating yet and somehow they keep finding new ones to let in,” wailed the former fish and chip shop owner whose strong roots to this country go back for more than a tenth of a millennium. “I haven’t even started on the Nepalese or the Argentinians and yet they want to start letting in Guatemalans or something. There’s so many of them and only one of me and I’m getting totally overwhelmed.”

Hanson has proposed a five year moratorium on new types of immigrant to allow her time to prepare detailed reasons for not liking the current crop.

“Good hate takes years of study to get right. You can’t just go off half arsed on these things like Fraser Anning,” said the Queensland senator. “I’d feel a right tit if I was telling a Bangladeshi to go home and then later found out I was pointing in the totally wrong direction.”

“The problem is infrastructure. The government should be spending money on classes on “What’s wrong with people from Syria” for people with an English speaking background so I don’t have to take on the burden alone.”

Peter Green

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2 replies

  1. How about sorting the Aussie Born Aussie Bred Aussie Tax Payers for 50 plus years who are getting an Old Aged Pension below the poverty line. Then worry about who we import and where we send our Foreign Aid to. Ya all gotta get out of the Canberra Greenhouse


  2. One thing about pants down is she never ceases to amaze me. How could someone so stupid become even more stupid. Haveing said how can anyone be stupid enough to follow such a stupid person…….. stupid is as stupid does…….. Forest Gumps mother…….. life is like a box of chocolates …….you never know what you are going to get 😜🇦🇺☘️


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