Barnaby Joyce’s New Book Announced As A Contestant On Dancing With The Stars


Channel 10 has announced that the new season of Dancing With The Stars will feature former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s book as one of the contestants on the show.

“We did approach Barnaby to be a participant on the show however he could not guarantee that he wouldn’t try to in his words, ‘root one of the other dancers’ so we decided to go with his book instead,” said a Spokesperson for Dancing With The Stars. 

“We feel the book will give a good showing and will also be a fresh face on television given that no one in the country has read the damn thing, well except for maybe Barnaby.”

No word yet on who else would be named as a contestant on the show however the rumour mill suggests that a couple of Bachelors and Bachelorettes would probably join a washed up footballer and a long ago forgotten soapie star on the show.

Mark Williamson

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