Herald Sun Launches New Motto “We’re Not Racist But…….”


Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper has launched a new advertising campaign centered around it’s new motto, ‘We’re not racist but…….’

“Newspapers these days have to work hard to keep people’s interest,” said a Herald Sun Spokesperson. “We feel with our new motto it will definitely attract attention and also defend our content from people who misinterpret it.”

“People like latte sipping lefties, judges, courts, anti-discrimination commissioners, you know the usual suspects.”

When asked why the paper is seeking to appeal to racists the Spokesperson replied: “Have you read our columnists?”

“Andrew Bolt is Australia’s most read blogger, even the courts finding he breached the racial discrimination act didn’t stop him.”

“As they say controversy creates cash, why else would we hire Rita Panahi, I mean seriously have you read the crap she writes?”

Mark Williamson 


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