Hanson Tells 9 Year Old Anthem Girl To Meet Her Behind The Bike Sheds After School


Senator Pauline Hanson has issued a challenge to the 9 year old Queensland school girl who refused to stand up for the national anthem to meet her behind the bike sheds after school where it will definitely be on.

“You disrespect the anthem you disrespect me,” said an agitated Senator Hanson. “I don’t care if you are 9 years old or 90 I will take you to the wood shed and give you a good old fashioned thrashing.”

“Oh yeah and don’t forget to bring your lunch money as I’ll be taking that as well.”

When asked whether issuing threats of violence against a 9 year old school girl was appropriate Senator Hanson replied: “Please explain? This is how we settle things in One Nation you disagree with someone you take it outside or to the street or online.”

“We are not a party that deals with reason or facts, we shout, we fight we threaten. Got a problem with that cash me outside.”

The 9 year old school girl did not respond to Senator Hanson’s challenge as she felt that by challenging Hanson it would be a definite case of punching down.

Mark Williamson 


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