Eric Abetz Accuses Victorian Voters Of Bias Against The Conservative Right

Eric Abetz

Tasmanian Senator and the Morrison Government’s closest link to the Third Reich Eric Abetz has launched a scathing attack on the voters of Victoria accusing them of showing bias against the right.

“What we saw on the weekend in Victoria is totally unacceptable,” said Senator Abetz. “The people of Victoria need to learn tolerance and acceptance of those people who have a different view point to them, like the conservative right.”

“I shall talk to the Prime Minister about addressing this. Maybe we could run some camps that would help people to concentrate on what other people think and believe.”

When asked whether the camps would extend to people on the right learning to accept the beliefs and ideas of those on the left Senator Abetz replied: “Now you’re just being silly. I mean if we believe in climate change what next Santa Claus, the Easter bunny a fair and just society for all.”

“You people do make me laugh sometimes, well I would laugh if I could but sadly I did lend my smile to Peter Dutton for his leadership challenge and he hasn’t given it back yet.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. I only saw the clickbait heading and pic…now sad face seeing satire…was hoping the Gaytime had a new champion ! Pleaseeee. He is not a Tasmanian we appreciate Gender neutral toilets and Eric does not.


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