Santa Claus Detained By Australian Border Force


Merely days before Christmas, a Mr S Claus allegedly from the North Pole has been detained by Australian Border Force whilst trying to enter the country.

It’s believed the patron of Christmas was identified by Customs Agents during immigration, his big beard and unseasonable attire drawing attention and concern.

Upon being confronted by officials, agents were unable to determine his proper identity due to discrepancies in his story and multiple passports in different names.

“We’ve had to detain a gentleman trying to access Australia due to an inability to ascertain his identity”, stated a public official, “whilst at this stage we don’t suspect the man to be a terror threat, we intend on taking every precaution”.

It’s believed that Santa was visiting Australia to perform interviews with several Australian politicians to confirm their naughty/nice status for the upcoming holiday.

Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, fronted media on the matter in the early hours of this morning. “This is a wonderful testament to Australia’s border security. Even if Jesus tried to enter the country, we would do a thorough background check regarding his activities and time spent in the middle east”.

More to come.

GK Kidd


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  1. Reblogged this on 1Petermcc's Blog and commented:
    Nice little kicker at the end. 🙂


  2. We can rely on the Aussies to stuff up all the childrens dreams this Christmas!


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