Morrison To Punish Julia Banks Following The Release Of The Banking Royal Commission Report

morrison 730

Interim Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised to throw the book at rogue MP Julia Banks following the damning release of the Royal Commission’s report into Banks and the finance industry.

“I’ve read the report and I think we can all agree that it’s time for Banks to be punished,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “I mean who does Julia think she is turning her back on the party and then going on some sort of Greg Hunt.”

“Not on my watch, my Government will come down hard on Banks.”

When asked what he would do to the banking and finance industry of which the Royal Commission was called to investigate, the Prime Minister replied: “I’ll read the report and you know if anything bad has occurred which I doubt it has as banks tend to be good blokes then I’ll bring out some discipline.”

“I’m not averse to flogging someone with the warmest of lettuce.”

Mark Williamson

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