Morrison Blames Bushfires On The Greens Planting Too Many Trees


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today come out and blasted the Greens party for heavily contributing to the nation’s bushfire epidemic.

“Let’s face it, it’s the Greens who have been planting all these trees,” Scorched a fired up ScoMo, “If there were no trees, there would be nothing to burn. Simple.”

The bushfires, which have thankfully not yet threatened the Sutherland Shire, Engadine Maccas or the Cronulla Shark’s home stadium, have been ravaging the States of NSW and QLD for a week.

Greens’ leader, Senator Di Natale didn’t have much evidence to rebuke the statement, instead insisting the LNP wasn’t aiding the situation too much.

“Well considering how much hot air the PM and his backbench have been producing as of late, they’ve no doubt been fanning the flames of the fires themselves!”

Due to budget cuts, when asked for their position on the matter, a CSIRO spokesperson simply stated: “We can confirm that some trees are flammable.”

GK Kidd


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  1. Scommo you are one mad dumbarse .,!


  2. When are you going to stop making people of this land are stupid like you ,!!


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