Aussie School Kids Defend Their Performance In Maths With 12 Out Of 10 Of Them Thinking They Are On Par With Other Countries


Australian School kids have reacted angrily to a report suggesting that they are at least three years behind the leading countries in mathematics with 12 out of 10 of them taking to Instagram to complain about the study.

“How can we be three years behind the rest of the world when we are at least a day ahead of America? Asked One Student. “I mean sure Maths isn’t our most favourite subject but it’s all good but yeah.”

When reached for comment on the countries dismal testing performances Prime Minister Scott Morrison promised swift and decisive action, saying: “I have seen the results and I am not happy. All school kids from this day forward are grounded with no TV or internet access.”

“I will also be appointing the Government’s top numbers man Matthias Cormann as ‘Special Envoy to Mathematics’ in order to give our kids a bit of a shake up.”

Mark Williamson

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