Sydney Airport To Name Baggage Carousel In Honour Of Missing Prime Minister ScoMo


Sydney airport has today announced that they will pay tribute to missing Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison by naming a baggage carousel in his honour.

”In times like these we need to honour those who have served their country and gone missing whilst on the job,”said an airport Spokesperson. “When Harold Holt disappeared whilst at the beach a swimming pool was named in his honour.”

“‘So I think it is only fitting that Prime Minister Morrison is honoured with a baggage carousel named after him.”

When asked why the airport was so sure the Prime Minister was missing in action, the Spokesperson replied: ”Well of course he is, I mean the country is burning don’t you think if he were able to he’d be out there reassuring the nation or at the very least being pictured comforting fire fighters?”

”Tragedies like this are money for jam for astute politicians, now if you’ll excuse me I must be off. Minister Dutton is coming by to help open the carousel and close the borders.”

Mark Williamson

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