ScoMo Concerned That Bushfires Will Skip Containment Lines And Spread To Hawaii

Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister (for now) Scott Morrison has been heard telling locals in a bar in Oahu that he fears that the bushfires currently ravaging New South Wales may break the containment lines and potentially spread all the way to Hawaii.

“Yeah Scotty, sorry ScoMo as he demanded we call him was very worried about the bushfires,”said a Hawaiian Bar tender who served the Prime Minister. “We tried to tell him that bushfires couldn’t spread across oceans but he was terrified that the fires might set all the plastic in the sea alight and spread across here to Hawaii.”

“He was even contemplating taking his family further a field to a safe place like the Maldives or Macau.”

When the Prime Minister’s office was reached for comment they refused to confirm or deny that the Prime Minister and his family was even on holiday let alone in Hawaii with a staff member who answered the phone saying: “Nu phone who diss?

“Sorry ScoMo can’t come to the phone right now he’s busy….he’s um in Engadine Maccas. For no reason at all. Why don’t you try the deputy PM is it Martin or Michael?”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Even Nero needs a holiday.


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