ScoMo Takes Charge Of Bushfire Crisis By Setting Up Command Centre At Engadine Maccas

morrison map

Prime Minister ScoMo has taken charge of the Nation’s bushfire response by announcing today that he has set up a new command centre at Engadine Maccas.

“I admit I was a bit slow to the wicket on this crisis however I am here now and ready to lead from the front,” said the Prime Minister. “At Engadine Maccas we have state of the art technology like wi-fi and electronic ordering.”

“Not to mention the amazing toilet facilities.

When asked why he was setting up a new command centre when there were already centres up and running around the country, the Prime Minister said: “It’s all about the optics, Engadine Maccas has great lighting for promo photos and enough space to film an ad or two.”

“And did I mention the toilet facilities?”

The Prime Minister’s Engadine Maccas command centre is already operational with press invited to take a tour and snap some photos of the PM in action.

Mark Williamson

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