Bushfire Victims Set Up Go Fund Me Page To Send ScoMo Back To Hawaii


Victims of Australia’s horrific bushfires have banded together to set up a Go Fund Me page in order to raise funds to send Prime Minister Scott Morrison back to Hawaii for an indefinite holiday.

“He’s really no use to us walking around, trying to shake our hands or take a photo with us. So we think it’s for the best if he just buggers off back to Hawaii,” said one survivor. ”Also, it is really dangerous for the whole country to let him keep wandering around, doing more damage to his reputation, especially as a wounded Prime Minister would be vulnerable to attacks from the Minister for the Dark Arts Peter Dutton.”

When asked how successful the Go Fund Me was thus far, the bushfire survivor said: ”Very successful. Within 2 hours of the campaign launching we had raised enough funds to send the Prime Minister and his family back to Hawaii for the next 3 years.”

Australians are urged to give generously to this worthwhile cause.”

Mark Williamson

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