“Come See The Dinosaurs” Says New Tourism Ad Fronted By Craig Kelly

Craigg Kelly

Tourism Australia has launched a new world wide campaign that encourages people to visit Australia and see the dinosaurs. With Government Minister and prominent climate change denier Craig Kelly chosen to be the face of the campaign.

“With the bushfires burning it’s not really the best time to be inviting people to visit the country,” said a Tourism Australia Spokesperson. “However sometimes you have to turn a negative into a positive and when we found out that the rest of the World not only accepted climate change but actually acted upon it we thought let’s turn this to our advantage.”

“I mean what other country in the World has a PM who would bring a lump of coal into parliament?”

When asked whether they expected the campaign to be a success the Spokesperson said: “Since Craig Kelly’s appearance on Good Morning Britain we have thousand’s of calls from people overseas inquiring to see if he is for real.”

“If they’re intrigued by Craig Kelly wait till they see some of our other dinosaurs like Matt Canavan, Tony Abbott and Andrew Bolt.”

Tourism Australia’s campaign has been heavily backed by the Murdoch press who are currently wheeling out all their dinosaurs to speak on how climate change has no bearing on the bushfires.”

Mark Williamson

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