ScoMo Pledges To Book Next Hawaiian Vacation At Regional Flight Centre


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared that going forward he will book all his future Hawaiian vacations at regional Flight Centres around Australia.

”I understand that regional Australia is hurting due to drought and bushfires,” said the Prime Minister. “So I call on my fellow Australian’s, when you are looking at booking your holidays whether it be Oahu, Maui or even Hawaii itself, I implore you to book that holiday at a regional Flight Centre or Hello World.”

”Because to a struggling country town every dollar counts.”

When asked why he would choose to holiday overseas in Hawaii rather than to holiday locally the Prime Minister said: ”How can I holiday locally, the whole place is on fire.”

”Look in a few years when things are back on track and it’s election time I will chuck Jenny and the kids in the car and take them down the Coast, but until then I’m heading into Flight Centre Bateman’s Bay and booking the next family trip to Hawaii.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off the Bateman’s Bay via Engadine Maccas, if you know what I mean.”

Mark Williamson

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