Morrison Banking On Rising Sea Levels To Put The Bushfires Out

morrison 730

Australia’s Prime Minister (for now) Scott Morrison has told colleagues to not worry too much about the bushfires as they will soon be extinguished by rising sea levels caused by climate change.

“Yeah Scotty’s not too phased by the bushfires as he’s adamant that the Lord will intervene somehow and put them out,” said a Government Spokesperson. “The only thing he is currently worried about is Peter Dutton.”

“To be fair we all should be worried about Dutton, he smells blood.”

When asked why the Government wouldn’t be concerned about the potential devastating effects of rising sea levels the Government Spokesperson said: “Why would we be concerned, sure a few beach houses might be lost but at least the fires will be out.”

“As well think of the potential for development if the sea levels rise. Bondi Junction would be on the water and people could go scuba diving through the lost suburb of Bondi”

“I better get on the phone to my real estate agent and start buying up land in Bondi Junction.”

Mark Williamson

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