Scomo Flees To Hawaii After Sacking Gun Nut


Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has fled to Hawaii after ‘sacking’ disgraced Coalition MP, and gun nut, Bridget McKenzie.

Morrison was forced to remove McKenzie after some less than scrupulous awarding of sporting grants, including one to her own Wangaratta shooting club.

The PM is believed to have immediately hopped on a flight to his beloved Hawaii to take refuge, concerned about McKenzie’s now reputation as a crack shot with a rifle.

“Well let’s be honest, I’ve pissed off the Yosemite Sam of Australian politics,” Scomo muttered to Dutton after the press conference, “If I wanted to be shot by a politician, I’d just traipse up to Katter’s electorate dressed as a croc.”

An ominous tweet from Bridget McKenzie’s twitter account simply says: “He fired me first”, prompting mixed responses on Twitter.

GK Kidd


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