Joyce Ramps Up His Protest Against The Bonk Ban By Interrupting Other Politicians Press Conferences


Former deputy Prime Minister and self-confessed families man Barnaby Joyce has ramped up his protest against the Government’s so-called ‘Bonk Ban’ by pledging to disrupt other politicians at their place of work until the ban is over turned.

Mr Joyce started his protest yesterday by interrupting Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon.

“It’s time the Prime Minister listened to the people and overturned this ridiculous ban on bonking.” said Barnaby Joyce. “The Australian people want their politicians to be able to act on their urges if they see an attractive staffer wandering around their office.”

“They the Australian people know more than the Prime Minister that a well sexed politician is a happy and productive politician.”

When asked why he was still focused on over turning the bonk ban given that the country was still recovering from the bushfire crisis as well as facing the effects of the corona virus Mr Joyce said: ”Once the bonk ban is overturned I’ll be able to solve all these problems plus so many more.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to talk to the Attorney-General about reviewing sexual harassment laws.”

Mark Williamson

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