ScoMo Refuses To Commit To No Net Emissions At Engadine Maccas


Prime Minister ScoMo has told reporters that it is just not feasible for his Government to commit to no net emissions at Engadine Maccas before the year 2050.

“My Government is doing all it can to cut back on our emissions but we won’t do so for the sake of Labor or potentially soiling our dacks,” said the Prime Minister. “There are only two toilets at Engadine Maccas, what am I meant to do if they’re occupied?”

“It’s too far to run to Engadine KFC and though the burgers may be better at Hungry Jacks, the toilet facilities definitely are not.”

When asked why he was so opposed to lowering Australia’s emissions, the Prime Minister said: “I am not against lowering our emissions I just don’t want us as a country to be limited to where we can emit.”

“I’m only human, sometimes I have to emit and whether it be at home or in line at Engadine Maccas, I won’t be asking Labor or the Greens for their permission.”

“Now if you’ll excuse I’m off to Engadine Maccas to talk to them about a chocolate sundae or two.”

Mark Williamson

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