Liberal Senator Tells Constituents To Get Their Chauffeur To Drive Them To Work Rather Than Catch Public Transport

Hollie Hughes

Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes has told her constituents to get their chauffeur to drive them to work rather than catching public transport and running the risk of contracting the corona virus.

“In these times, one can’t be too careful,” said Senator Hughes. “I’ve already asked my gardener to maintain a healthy distance from me and told the chauffeur to ensure the glass partition is up at all times.”

“In times of pandemic we must do all we can to keep one’s self safe.”

When asked if she may be somewhat out of touch with her constituents, Senator Hughes said: “Out of touch, moi. I think not.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to drop some tins of caviar off to the Red Cross. One likes to help out in times of need.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Dear Holly,

    Can I borrow your chauffeur for a couple of days please? I need to have him take some leftover rubbish from the bush fires to the tip! You can hop on board for the ride if you like?!


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