Introvert Struggling To Find Excuses To Avoid Yet Another Video Call

Close-Up Of Sad Woman Hugging Cushion While Sitting At Home

A frustrated local introvert is wracking their brain for any excuse to avoid yet another video call request. The requests seem to come dozens of times each day, as energy draining extroverts seek any excuse to break the boredom of lockdown with whatever human interaction they can force on others.

“At first, I thought this lockdown was a godsend,” said the reclusive-by-nature introvert. “An actually government-mandated excuse to never leave the house!”

”No more forced social interactions when I’d rather be at home with a book, a cup of tea and my cat to pat!

“But this is worse than before! Now, every single person I’ve ever met knows for a fact I’m doing nothing more than reading a book, drinking tea and patting my cat!”

”Last night, I had to field a call from a desperately bored second cousin I hadn’t seen since an extended family BBQ when I was 13 and my parents made me leave my room for an hour to do so.”

“I’ve tried tried claiming that my internet is down, but – did you know that smart phones let you do video calls too? I didn’t, until last week! Then I claimed I accidentally dropped my phone in the toilet, but I forgot to sign out of Skype on my laptop and was interrupted mid-Tiger King.

“There is just no escape! I can’t wait for this horrible pandemic to blow over so I can go back to cancelling all catch-up plans at the last minute and stay home in some actual peace and quiet, and see if I can finally finish Netflix.”

Carlo Sands

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