The UnOz’s 2022 Person Of The Year!

The UnOz’s Person of the Year award is one of the most anticipated events of the year, with defamation lawyers everywhere especially keen to see the list.

If 2022 was a chess game it didn’t go well for the World as the Queen was taken. In Australia there was also a leadership change, though a King wasn’t dethroned it was more like the fall of a jester.

Before we look forward to what barrel of fun 2023 has in store let’s look back at who or what put their hand up in 2022 to be considered The UnOz’s person of the year.

Albo’s Stylist

Whilst Scott Morrison practiced how to attend a press conference without smirking or denying responsibility, Albo’s personal stylist went to work on the then-opposition-leader.

Fitted suits, new glasses, Albo begun to look less sweaty and “carsalesmanesque” compared to his opponent.

His new image may stand out amongst the trackies and singlets of other South Sydney Rabbitohs fans, but it was enough to see him elected as PM.

Matthew Guy

Many Victorians learnt the full length of the phrase this year, “better the devil you know… Than some vanilla twit who has zero original ideas.”

Despite the Anti-Dan sentiment on social media, Matthew Guy appeared to be the sitcom trope of the dork running for class captain. All it needed was for Jacinta Allen to give him a wedgie outside parliament in the weeks following.

Peter Dutton

Stepping up to lead what was left of the Coalition after the election, the Dark Lord Peter Dutton has really left his mark. On what, we’re not sure.

Editor’s Note: Peter Dutton has been included on this list out of merit and not because he has taken our accounts person Bill hostage. Please Peter, bring Bill back safely he has a family.

Prince Andrew

Still a touchy subject.

Meghan Markle

What a year for Meghan and to a lesser extent Harry. Their Netflix documentary had the biggest debut in the streaming service’s history and Meghan herself inspired Jeremy Clarkson to tell the World of his bizarre fantasies involving her.

However, Team Meghan and Harry didn’t achieve all this on their own. Their PR team led by Piers Morgan who has stopped at nothing to make sure Meghan’s name is uttered in every sentence he spoke for the last 2 years really went above and beyond.

Even Sky News Australia got behind the Royal couple’s cause and rallied their viewers, all 6 of them, towards watching the documentary.

A-League Soccer Fans

The AFL and Cricket* may draw bigger crowds, however, no fan base has the passion as those who cheer on the A-League. Some might say they have a real flare for it.

*Whilst NRL fans are definitely passionate online until they actually start turning up to games they can’t really be considered.

*If you disagree with our list of nominees, then leave a comment below with your nomination.

On behalf of  Team UnOz thank you for visiting the site and have a great festive season, we will be back in early January with the all the best news, analysis and plagiarism.

Thanks for reading.

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