Alan Jones To Mentor ABC Journalists


Alan Jones already has ABC experience, having appeared frequently on Media Watch.

Radio shock jock Alan Jones, who once called for former Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be “put in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea”, will act as a mentor to all ABC journalists, the station has announced.

The move comes as communications minister Malcolm Turnbull criticised ABC journalists Emma Alberici and Leigh Sales for their aggressive interview technique. Turnbull made the criticism on The Bolt Report, a show hosted by a man the courts found guilty of having breached the Racial Discrimination Act.

A spokesperson for the minister supported the decision to bring in Jones, telling The (un)Australian: “Alan will do a good job mentoring the young tyros at the ABC, he is a reasoned voice and as we saw recently when he appeared on Q & A those lefties love him.”

Jones told The (un)Australian: “I look forward to being given the opportunity to run the ABC. I will impart all my knowledge to the reporters, starting with the basics, like you must always be to the right of your interview subject in the studio.”

Alan Jones already has experience in working with the ABC, having made numerous appearances on its Media Watch program.

Mark Williamson


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