NSW Primary School Bans Students From Communicating


A primary school in NSW has today sent out a letter to parents to inform them that in an effort to stamp out bullying they are banning all students from any form of communication.

The school’s spokesperson spoke to The (un)Australian about the ban, saying: “We want what’s best for the children and feel that a ban on all forms of communications is the best way to protect their delicate ears and minds from hearing bad words or concepts.”

When informed of the ban Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine said, “This is politically correctness gone mad. Without bullying how will we raise the next generation of columnists? There’s only one thing for it, I’ll just have to go to the school and bully the kids myself, it’s for their own good.”

Conservative Senator Cory Bernardi has promised to threaten to quit the Liberal Party if the ban isn’t overturned and the school doesn’t hire Miranda Devine to bully the school children, saying: “Typical leftie nonsense, I tell you what those kids need is to replace their dodge balls with medicine balls. Now if you’ll excuse I’m off to join Miranda in bullying the school children, if we’re not careful they may grow up well adjusted.”

Mark Williamson

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