Alan Jones Flies Over Syria, Declares It ‘Totally Safe’


Sydney radio broadcaster and climate change expert Alan Jones has followed up his fly-over the Great Barrier Reef, after which he declared he saw no evidence of the claimed wide-spread death of the coral, with a quick flight over allegedly war-torn Syria, declaring he could see no evidence of the much-vaunted “devastating humanitarian crisis”.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, the 2GB host said he wanted to extend his “myth-busting” flight over the reef, which he used to help launch a new conservation group Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, to other sectors. “And I tell you, over Syria, I saw none of the death and suffering so-called ‘international experts’ have claimed is widespread. This supposed ‘horrendous civil war’ is a hoax invented by those with an agenda to sell a ‘refugee crisis’ to the gullible West.”

“Far from misery and suffering, I saw what appeared to be wild celebrations, to judge from the many fireworks shows,” Jones added. “And to judge by the amount of smoke over Aleppo, the people down must be hosting a huge number of BBQs. It looks like one long party.

“The refugee alarmists will stop at nothing. These refugee groups run a very different agenda. If Big Refugee can prove there’s an Armageddon in Syria, they’ll get money.”

“There are cycles in all of this — countries regenerate themselves,” he told The (un)Australian. “The reality is that Syria was here thousands of years ago and will be for the next thousand.”

Jones took the flight to promote a new group Citizens for Syria, dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict. “It is important to help the people of Syria,” Jones said, “who have been so abused by so-called experts spreading the Big Lie of a humanitarian crisis.”

Carlo Sands

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