NRL Praises Cronulla’s Improvement In Quality Of Off -Field Scandals


The NRL has issued a statement commending the 2016 Premiership winning Cronulla Sharks for lifting not only on-field but off-field in the aftermath of Cronulla player Ben Barba’s sacking for cocaine use.

A spokesperson for the NRL told The (un)Australian about Cronulla: “What a great club, you know a year ago they were sacking players for drinking their own urine and this year it’s cocaine, you just don’t see that much improvement in a club in such a short amount of time. I tell you they are a credit to the league.

“I mean usually cocaine use is limited to Rugby Union players or the occasional AFL player, but for Cronulla to import this scandal to the NRL is a game changer. I mean I didn’t think we paid the players enough to afford cocaine, they must have some good quality ‘third party’ sponsorships.”

Ben Barba is expected to take some time off to deal with his demons or failing that switch to Rugby Union where he is expected to be mentored by Wendall Sailor.

Mark Williamson

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