Hanson Holds Press Call in Mosman To Show Drug Addiction Rates Are Overstated


One Nation Leader (despite what Rod Culleton has been saying) Pauline Hanson has today held a press call in the affluent Sydney suburb of Mosman to prove that the level of drug addiction stated by the Greens is vastly over stated.

Speaking to The (un)Australian a defiant Senator Hanson said, “Look around do you see any junkies or drug dealers? The Australian Greens talk of the problem of drugs and how we need to legalise them, what a load of nonsense. This suburb is like most Australian suburbs sure they have their problems but drugs are not one of them, now move along and let’s talk about the real issues, like how Muslims are ruining the take away business.”

When asked why she chose to hold a press conference in one of the country’s more affluent suburbs Ms Hanson responded: “Why should the poor people of Mosman be discriminated against? Suburbs out in Western Sydney get all the attention, I mean the SBS show Struggle Street was filmed out there and what did the people of Mosman get?”

“I mean I met a chap down by the butchers who was struggling to make the payments on his sixth negatively geared property, why aren’t we helping him instead of these alleged junkies, please explain?”

Mosmans local member of parliament Tony Abbott could not be reached for comment as he was busy not sniping against the Government on Sky News.

Mark Williamson


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  1. Look like she is planning to buy a house next to Tony, , good fir the neighbourhood, does Pauline know which nationalities smuggle the drugs to the country , I wish she asks the FPT or shut up, Pauline can you name one Muslim in Bali 9 , no doubt that Muslims are good in marketing if they have the product , I call that hate incitement and insult for whole community .


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