Julie Bishop Demands Bill Shorten Prove He Wasn’t Involved In JFK’s Assassination

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has called upon Labor leader Bill Shorten to prove that he had no involvement in the assassination of US President John F Kennedy. Ms Bishop’s allegations against Mr Shorten come despite the fact that JFK was shot in 1963 and Mr Shorten was born in 1967.

When the discrepancy was put to Ms Bishop she replied: “Was Bill Shorten really born in 1967, I haven’t seen a birth certificate have you? I demand Mr Shorten show us a birth certificate and proof that he did not kill JFK.”

“I mean Bill Shorten will do anything to become Prime Minister. Whether it’s colluding with New Zealand, building a time machine to go back in time and convince poor Barnaby Joyce’s Father to move to New Zealand or even worse kill a US President. The man has no shame.”

When the allegations of his involvement in JFK’s assassination were put to Mr Shorten he replied: “Yes they got me I have a time machine that helps me go back in time whenever I want. Join me as I go back to 1975 to save Gough Whitlam. Seriously though politics is a stressful job and I say to Ms Bishop R U Ok?”

Mark Williamson


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  1. Meanwhile on the grassy knoll…..


  2. MORE CITIZENSHIP CONTROVERSY! The Wicked Witch from the West may have been born in OZ!!!


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