George Christensen Not Coping With Mum And Dad Fighting

Nationals MP George Christensen is not coping with the fallout from his Leader Barnaby Joyce’s affair and is said to be acting out. With reports that he has threatened other children with his toy gun.

“We see it quite often with children that when the parents are fighting like Barnaby and Malcolm the children often act out in frustration,” said Childhood expert Ian Strap. “In George’s case when he pulled out his cap gun and pointed it at the Green’s we had to take action by confiscating the toy and sending him to timeout.”

“George didn’t take it well. At first he was shouting out threats and punching the wall but finally after twenty minutes he calmed down and stopped sobbing.”

When reached for comment at his tree house office in Townsville George Christensen said: “Can’t you see the sign, no smelly journalists allowed. Now go away you can’t come in unless you’re my Dad. You haven’t seen my Dad Barnaby have you?”

“I miss everything about him, from his beetroot coloured face, to the smell of alcohol wafting from his pores. I wish Mumma Turnbull would let him come home.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. George is no poof for sure. I saw pictures of him using a gun so there!


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