Joyce And Abbott To Star In Dumb And Dumber Three

Barnaby Joyce and Tony Abbott are to replace Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in the third installment of the Dumb and Dumber franchise. Which will be filmed in the coming weeks in and around Canberra, Armidale and Manly.

“We saw these guys on the news you know a former deputy Prime Minister who cheated on his wife yet defends the sanctity of marriage. And the other bloke who eats raw onions and knights Princes and we thought they’re our guys,” said the Film’s Producer Harvey Tripod. “The best part is we don’t even need a script we can just walk around filming them as they go from press conference to press conference.”

When asked who else would feature in the film Mr Tripod replied: “There will be a lot of cameos of course Mr Turnbull will be there as the boys nemesis and this bloke Bob Katter will be there for comic relief. Great guy, have you met him he’s got this great bit about crocodiles.”

Dumb and Dumber Three will conclude filming the day after Malcolm Turnbull reaches his 30th negative newspoll.

Mark Williamson

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