Australia’s Way Of Pronouncing Aluminium Finally Pays Off

American President Donald Trump’s decision to exempt Australia from steel and aluminium tariffs has been celebrated wildly in Canberra, with insiders saying it was down to the way Australia pronounced “aluminium” that confused President Trump into thinking it was a different product.

“You Aussies with your weird way of pronouncing aloominum confused old Donny Boy into thinking you made a different product,” said a White House insider. “That combined with he’d just watched Crocodile Dundee 2 and loved it so he thought he’d cut you guys a break.

“I’m telling you Trump loves Australia now that you’ve replaced that dud leader of yours Trumble with Greg Norman.”

When reached for comment over the tariff exemption the Australian ambassador to America Joe Hockey said: “It’s a great day for Australia and one we hope will continue just as long as Trump is convinced that golfer Greg Norman is our Prime Minister not Malcolm Turnbull.

“He loves Greg and hates Malcolm so if we all play it cool we can ride this out.”

Mark Williamson

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