Sky News Apologises To Its Viewer Over Leyonhjelm’s Remarks

Sky News has issued an apology to its viewer over disparaging remarks made by Senator Leyonhjelm on its Outsiders program concerning fellow Senator Sarah Hanson Young.

“Senator Leyonhjelm’s remarks where out of line. I tell you he entered into Mark Latham territory so we just want to make sure that the one person watching the show is ok,” said a Network Spokesperson. “Outsiders is rating consistently with it’s one viewer. In fact it is half way there to being our equal highest rating show alongside The Bolt Report which draws in two viewers.”

When reached for comment the single viewer of Outsiders said: “I’d like to thank Sky News for reaching out but to be honest I didn’t realise I’d left the telly on. I was up late watching the World Cup and must of dozed off and dropped the remote and it switched channels from SBS to Sky.”

“Thankfully I was asleep as I heard what those guys were talking about, who’d wanna listen to that?”

Mark Williamson

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