Nation Breathes A Sigh Of Relief As The Dark Lord Is Defeated


The Australian people have let out a collective sigh of relief after news filtered through that the Dark Lord Peter Dutton was defeated in battle by the Cronulla Shark Scott Morrison.

“I tell you that was a relief,” said an Onlooker to the battle. “It was a close hard fought fight. Lord Dutton took out Morrison’s companion Julie Bishop early on and it looked like being over quickly but then Scott Morrison rallied back to take victory.”

“The Dark Lord Dutton kept looking around expecting his fellow Knight Tony Abbott to help him but Mr Abbott never entered onto the field of battle.”

Though defeated for the second time in battle this week the Dark Lord has not yet been eliminated. He is now expected to challenge the Knights of the High Court in a battle over his eligibility to sit in Parliament.

Mark Williamson

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  1. Dutton the brainless Queenslander doesn’t get it…. that the people of Australia 🇦🇺 can’t stand him or what he stands for.. NOTHING.. Now he has lost being voted in the snake 🐍 will try and crawl back within the liberal party. Lets hope the party leaves him on the BACK BENCH where he belongs beside Abbott where they can play games on their smartphones. Your a loser Dutton and nothing will change that.


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