Morrison Tipped To Name Cronulla Sharks Mascot MC Hammerhead Australian Of The Year


This week’s Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been telling friends that he will over rule the Australian of the year committee’s pick and instead go with his ‘Captain’s choice’ of the Cronulla Sharks mascot MC Hammerhead as this year’s Australian of the year.

“I won’t confirm that MC Hammerhead is Australian of the year but let’s just say if I were a betting man I’d like those odds,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “Besides what’s wrong with a mascot as Australian of the year, the kids will love it.”

“Sure the do-gooders will say that the mascot hasn’t earned it or is even a real person but I don’t pander to them, I pander to the Shire and the mining industry.”

When asked what the Cronulla Sharks mascot had done to earn the title of Australian of the year the Prime Minister responded: “What has he done, oh come on what are ya a Manly fan. MC Hammerhead is there in the good times and the bad, he brings a smile to little kiddies faces and he even signed my Cronulla Sharks hat.”

“How good is that.”

The Australian of the year recipient will be announced on Australia day eve with celebrations and fireworks to be held in Canberra and a race riot to be held in Cronulla.

Mark Williamson

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