Pauline Hanson Denies She F**Ked Her Entire Party


Founder of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party Pauline Hanson has strongly condemned the idea that she has personally f**ked her entire party, following the continual turn over of elected One Nation candidates.

“How dare you or anyone accuse me of f**king my own party,” said Senator Hanson. “A lot of people have contributed to f**king up this party from the candidates we select to the people who choose the candidates to our supporters.”

“F**king up a political party as well as we have done is not a one person job, it’s a team effort.”

When asked whether this was the end of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party the Senator replied: “The end, oh no we’ve only just begun. I mean we have selected Mark Latham in NSW can you imagine how big a dummy spit he and I will have when we inevitably fallout?”

“I see big things ahead for One Nation, more Senators and heck maybe I’ll even pop up on I’m A Celebrity, everything is coming up Pauline. Sorry to Burston everyone’s bubble.”

Mark Williamson

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